Where Were You When We Ran Out of Toilet Paper?

Empty Shelves at Walmart on 3/14/2020

I didn’t title this post to be clever or funny. After all, there are far greater worries today than running out of toilet paper. But it does seem to provide one of many visual representations of where we find ourselves today.

These are interesting and troubling times and so, for the following reasons, I’m going to post every once in awhile about my thoughts during these times:

  1. Blogging is one of many ideas I’ve come up with for things to do as I maintain my “social distance,” as recommended by the CDC.
  2. If I don’t write, my head might explode.
  3. I want to document my thoughts about this time in our history. Who knows? My grandkids may be interested someday.
  4. A blog is a good forum for us to share ideas about how to “get through” this time.

Here’s an unfiltered outflow of what I’m thinking today:

  • I don’t get how people think things are being overblown. Do they not see what’s happened in S. Korea, Italy, Spain, Iran, etc.? Do they think America is so “great” it can’t happen here? Let me just say, a virus is a great equalizer. We are no better than any other country this virus has invaded.
  • In fact, I’d say the way this pandemic has been handled by our federal government has been disorganized and full of disinformation. Among 8 affected countries around the world, the United States has done the least number of COVID-19 tests per million people. WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH STILL NOT HAVING ENOUGH TEST KITS?

Courtesy ScienceAlert

  • There’s a fine line between panicking and preparing, and it is a moving target. But there’s no doubt unnecessary panic is causing the rush to buy cleaning supplies, groceries and even toilet paper.
  • Never in my life have I hesitated to go to work while suffering with a minor cold. I’m actually debating it today. (Is it irresponsible to go to work? Or is it a paranoid over-reaction to stay at home?)
  • There must be millions of people like me all over the country. People who are either dealing with a minor cold, or even allergies and who are unsure of whether to stay home or go to work. It’s a “social distance” issue vs. a financial issue. A panic vs. preparedness issue. Where’s the line?
  • Which leads me to my question of why more companies aren’t being pro-active in establishing the means for employees to work from home.

I’ll end here for now. I have many other thoughts, but I’ll save them for another post. Until then, stay well, be patient, focus on gratitude.

P.S. – We all could use some good news, so at the end of each of my posts on Coronavirus, I’ll share a positive news story:

Quarantined Italians Are Singing Their Hearts Out

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